Learning to Pray
How’s your prayer life? Could it use a recharge? Maybe it’s actually dead and needs shock paddles to get your heart beating again. This can and will happen if you will commit to “Learn TO Pray” for the next 40 days. Pastor Lane takes the time to illustrate that our problem with prayer is not the “how” but the “why.” Not why we should, but why we don’t.

The next 40 days will transform your life. The next 40 days will bring power into your life like you may have never had before. You may not be Moses, or David or Elijah but you serve the same God. In scripture and out of scripture, men and women who were used of God to win great battles and come away with great exploits, won the battle in prayer first.

As YOU will discover, the battle isn’t won or lost in prayer. The battle is Prayer!! 

Complete with 40 days of Devotions and 40 days of Prayer Journal Sheets.