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Make the best of your Wednesday nights @ ABC.
No matter what you are looking for,  Astatula Baptist has a session for you!
Donít miss out on this opportunity to grow in your walk with the Lord and to fellowship with others!

Financial Peace University

Dave Ramsey

Room 700 (Church Office)

What if you knew where all of your money was going each month? What if you were debt-free, investing and making wise spending decisions? With Dave Ramseyís class Financial Peace University, you CAN take control of your money and start planning for your future. Sign up today!  SIGN UP

Study on the Book of Proverbs

Carl Oquin

Room 101 (Main Auditorium)

Why should we study the book of Proverbs? What are we supposed to learn from all of these little bits and pieces of wisdom in this book? Is a smart person necessarily a wise person? What are the keys to understanding the book written by the wisest man in the Old Testament? Join and learn how the book of Proverbs is still great wisdom for today.


Passionate Parenting

Pastor Travis Lane

Room 403

Parenting is work! Parenting is tough! Do you want to pursue the heart of your teenager? Do you want to help their heart to fall in love with the heart of God? If you answered yes, this session is for you! Sign up today!


When You Just Can't Get Over It

William Morgan

Fellowship Hall

The real world isnít as idealistic as we expect. Although we would love to coast through life with little difficulty and minimal challenges, we often find ourselves facing barriers greater than our inner resources to scale. Discover in the pages of Scripture that you are not alone and how to overcome these difficult challenges. You will learn how to not ďjust get over itĒ but how to clear the hurdle and be better on the other side because you   encountered these challenges.


Grief Share

Jim Richardson

Room 404

Be a part of a grief support group that will help you with the long-lasting, persistent needs of dealing with grief. Find hope and healing! $20 for student book (required).


Lies Young Women Believe (Teen Girls)

Sundi Workman

Children's Center - Room  501

Are you being deceived? Satan is the father of lies, he is deceiving your generation. Learn how to recognize his lies and how to respond and act on Godís Truth. You do not have to struggle with your identity! Donít miss out on these sessions just for teen girls!     

Virtuosity (Teen Boys)

Ray Workman

Children's Center - Room  503

These sessions will teach teens to not settle for a life of spiritual    complacency and mediocrity, but to strive for excellence. Teen guys will be exhorted to live lives that are set apart in the areas of humility, discipline, grace, and more. SIGN UP

Kids on Wednesdays

Donna Pitts

Nursery (Birth-2)

Cindy Akins

Room 401 & 402 (Ages 2-4)

Tricia Lane

Children's Center Room 502 (Ages 5-11)


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